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Women's Cricket St George's Park - South African and English Women Cricketers Communicate
South African and English Women Cricketers Communicate

In 1951 Mrs. Louise Goodall, on behalf of enthusiasts in the Southern Transvaal, communicated with the English Women's C'ricket Association, from whom the following reply was received :

The English Women's Cricket Association,
13th November, 1951.

Mrs. Louise Goodall,
18 Cole Street,
South Africa.

Dear Mrs. Goodall,

As you will have noticed, your very nice letter to Nancy Joy and myself was published in the Autumn Annual and the question of South African women's cricket was discussed at the last Executive Committee meeting of our Association.

I have been asked to write to you to find out whether there is any possibility of you and some of your colleagues forming a National Organisation.

I am receiving frequent reports of cricket activities in your country and think that possibly the time for the formation of a South African Women'a Cricket Association might have arrived.

As you may know, the Women's Cricket Association is the parent body for women's cricket in much the same way as the M.C.C. acts for the men, and should a South African W.C.A. be formed we should most sincerely welcome its afilliation to us in the same way as Australia and New Zealand are affiliated.

From what you say in your letter I doubt whether you have drawn up any sort of constitution, but in case you or any other authority can draw together all your groups of enthusiasts into an association, I enclose a copy of our own, which might conceivably act as a basis.

It will interest you to know that I have been intorviewed several times by representatives of the South African Press who wish to know when a South African touring team may be visiting England, or when we might be visiting South Africa!

Naturally, if something of this sort could be arranged between us and a South African W.C.A., it would be a splendid innovation.

It would be of great interest to us to have a copy of your Southern Transvaal Constitution and any other details of cricket as played by women in schools, clubs, etc., in South Africa.

Meanwhile, if there is any way at aIl in which the W.C.A. here can help, guide or advise you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Netta Rheinberg,

Hon Secretary.

In the Southern Transvaal women have been playing competitive cricket for the past three years, the game having originated by various enthusiasts gathering at week-ends throughout the season to practice batting, bowling and fielding.

This was the first Province to form its own Union, and from an original six teams and 75 registered players, the Southern Transvaal W.C.A. now boasts 10 clubs and 13 teams.

Valuable assistance was provided by the Transvaal C'ricket Union, and no little credit is due to the work of Eric Rowan and Bruce Mitchell, who have been untiring in their efforts to assist in coaching and advice.

In an attempt to expand the scheme, an inter-provincial tournament was held on the Rand over Easter, and the general meeting was attended by representatives fram the following Provincial Associations: Border (comprising Queenstown, Kingwilliamstown and East London), Griqualand West, Southern Transvaal and Western Province.

Free State and Basutoland, Rhodesia and Eastern Province also sent delegates, as did Durban and Pretoria, where associations have not been formed.

The meeting unanimously agreed with the idea of ultimately forming a South African Association, but in order to give Provincial Associations an opportunity of studying the proposed constitution it was decided to form an Interim Committee and finalise the constitution and form a National Association at the next tournament, to be held in Bloemfontein between December and February next.

Mr. E. A. B. Rowan was elected chairman of the Interim Committee and Miss Lorna Behrman hon. secretary, the remaining members to be appointed by their associations.

South African Cricket Annual - 1951 - 1952

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