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Urban Legends St George's Park - Skirtless Drummie Undaunted
Skirtless Drummie Undaunted
Hector du Toit

Last night's EP cricket crowd at St George's Park had their evening further brightened when a Pearson High School drum majorette's skirt deserted her in mid-performance.

The supper break of the Eastern Province vs Western Province clash provided some unexpected entertainment when the champion drummie squad took to the field.

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The Pearson High School drummies who performed during the interval of theEastern Province vs Western Provincecricket match at St Georges Park.
They are, left to right, Troop sub-leader Liezel Swanepoel, Kelly McCleland, Aletia Burger, Diane Jonson, Heidi Nieuwoudt, Melissa Nieuwoudt, Nadine Bussy, Cherisse Dorward, Talitha Venter, Jo Pretorius and Deanne Douglass. Leading them is troop leader, Caroline Finnemore.
Buffeted by winds and obstructed by a crowd which repeatedly ignored requests to clear the field, the drummies turned out a gutsy performance.

When the field was finally cleared, disaster struck a Standard 8 drummie.

Embarrassed but undaunted, the plucky girl continued her skirtless performance without missing a beat.

Amid cheers from the crowd, a kindly spectator helped her regain her poise and her skirt.

However, the fates smiled wryly on the luckless drummie for only a few minutes later the troublesome skirt made a second unexpected departure.

After the display, a smiling pupil skirted the issue by confessing that it was "very embarrassing".

Eastern Province Herald
November 1, 1990.

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