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Biff-Bang Butlion

Certainly, the feat of scoring six sixes off a normal six-ball over can never be bettered. But, in any event, Dave Butlion's 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 in one over from Danny Campbell at Kemsley Park over the Christmas weekend must go down as a first-timer in senior league cricket in the PECU competitions.

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Dave Butlion - 1968

There might have been similar feats in lower league cricket on some of the postage stamps some of these teams play on, but on a first-league ground, Butlion's onslaught for Old Grey against Victoria Park has not been equaled.

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Dave Butlion.

I have seen Graeme Pollock and Bull Harmer hit 30 off an over, and I recall, as a schoolboy listening to tales of the almost legendary hitter from Walmer, Henry Sherman, cracking five sixes in a row into the high trees that surrounded what was once the home ground of the Walmer Club in 10th Avenue.

But six in an over was not recorded in PECU cricket up till this past weekend.

The luckless bowler, Danny Campbell, is, of course, the PE City soccer player, and had bowled well without much luck earlier in the innings.

He bowls left-arm and uses the new ball, bowling with a high, leaping action.

In the fateful over, he was hit out of the ground in a semi-arc from the Old Grey squash courts to the dub hall.

In the process, Butlion smashed a light on the car of his batting partner of that time, Chris Wilkins, nearly broke one of the large windows in the hall, and sent an elderly couple scampering for safety behind their car till the guided missiles flew past.

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