St George's Park History
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Unification St George's Park - Chapter 8 - In Search of International Competition
Chapter 8 - In Search of International Competition
Harold Wilson

International competition became SACBOCís major task to secure. It attempted to lure India to undertake a tour to South Africa but had to abort it due to a lack of funds. Its attempt to convince Pakistan to come petered out mysteriously at the last moment. Undaunted, it succeeded in getting the Asian Kenyans to tour South Africa in 1956. A reciprocal tour under the captaincy of Basil DíOliveira took place in 1958.

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South African Coloured Cricket Association.
SACBOC's Dadabhay Trophy - Johannesburg - 1955.

A West Indies tour led by Frank Worrel had to be aborted in 1959 due to the activities of the South African Sports Association (SASA), which was established in 1958. It was the brain-child of Dennis Brutus, who stated that the tour would have given the South African Government credibility for its apartheid policies. It also stated that the granting of permission for the tour was a foregone conclusion because the West Indies would be playing against Blacks.

Rashid Varachia and Cheekie Jassat supported the tour. It took SASA almost a year to convince SACBOC that the tour should not take place. SASA was supported by the ANC, SAIC, the Congress of Democrats and other groups in and outside South Africa. The scrapping of the tour caused unhappiness among cricketers in both countries. The West Indies wanted to use the tour to fight racism because up till that time no member of the West Indies had been appointed a captain of their national team. The tour according to them would have given Worrell the opportunity to display his ability as a captain.

In April 1960, SACBOC appointed an eight-man committee to draft a resolution calling for a single, national, non-racial controlling body. The proposal declared that SACBOCís affiliates would be provincial units and that they would be non-racial entities. The resolution also stated that SACBOC would demarcate the areas under jurisdiction of every province.

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South African Indian Cricket Team.
National Tournament - Cape Town - 1958.

It also declared that SACBOC would seek international recognition. SACBOC further resolved that the next meeting was scheduled take place in January 1961 in Cape Town.

To give effect to the 1960 resolutions, provincial federations were established with affiliations to SACBOC. J Van Harte of Western Province was elected as President of SACBOC.

The biennial Dadabhay Brothers Tournament was the supreme competition of SACBOC. Five biennial tournaments were staged between 1961 and 1970 at Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town and Kimberley. The duration of these tournaments coupled with the subsequent withdrawals convinced SACBOC that a new system of competition should be investigated. It was resolved that the home and away system would become the modus operandi.

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