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Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial

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The unveiling of the Prince Alfred's Guard monument in 1907.

The Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial is situated on top of Port Elizabeth's second oldest water reservoir.

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A postcard of the PAG Memorial shortly after it was unveiled. Circa 1910.

On November 6, 1907 the Honourable Edgar H Walton, MLA, Treasurer General of the Cape Colony, unveiled the memorial to the fallen of the Prince Alfred's Guard.

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The Prince Alfred's Guard monument in St George's Park, 2004.

This memorial forms the certral ornamental feature of the Service Reservoir.

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A beautiful sunset at the PAG memorial.

On each of the four corners of the base of the memorial is a tablet bearing the names of officers and men who fell in the Transkei War, 1877 ; Basutoland War, 1880-1881; Bechuanaland War, 1897; and the Anglo Boer War 1899 - 1902.

At the foot of each tablet is a laurel wreath.

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The exterior of the PAG Memorial in 2005 before restoration.

The Prince Alfred's Guard and the Municipal Coat of Arms are placed on alternate sides of the base immediately over the four jets of water which issue from the lion's mouths.

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The interior of the PAG Memorial in 2005 before restoration.

0n the top of the central pedestal is a life-size figure of a sergeant-major of Prince Alfred's Guard, in full dress and standing at the "charge" and immediately below him are four lions, each holding a shield.

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A close up of the repainted face of the Sergeant-Major before replacing him at the top of the podium.

Exploitation of water supplies from the Bulk and Sand Rivers was carried out during the years 1903 to 1907 and the St. George's Reservoir was constructed as a part of this scheme.

The diameter is 200 feet and the depth of the water 10 feet 6 inches.

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The Sergeant-Major is carefully returned to his position on the pedestal of the PAG Memorial above the reservoir in St George's Park.

The reservoir is circular and has a capacity of two rnillion gallons.

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Freelance painters Armstrong Mfunda (left) and Patrick Loli have completed twoweeks work repainting the details of Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial in St George's Park.The monument has been restored at the same time as the reservoir on which it stands in time for the 150th anniversary of Prince Alfred's Guard in September this year.

The excavation for the reservoir was commenced at the end of August 1906 and on 6 November 1907 the Treasurer-General, the Honourable Edgar H. Walton, before a large and representative attendance, turned the water into the new Service Reservoir in the St. George's Park.

The final cost of the reservoir was less than the original estimate of £15 525.

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