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Soccer St George's Park - Port Elizabeth City beat NFL log-leaders, Cape Town City
Port Elizabeth City beat NFL log-leaders, Cape Town City

Port Elizabeth City, with a great display of teamwork, pulled off the biggest upset of the season when they beat the NFL log leaders, Cape Town City, 3-1 in the quarter-finals of the Castle Cup at the Crusader ground on Tuesday night, July 24, 1973.

Make no mistake about it, Port Elizabeth City were full value for their magnificent win.

They set about their task with a will that has seldom been seen since PE City were in their heyday. They received a minor setback when goalkeeper Ian Ower wa.s declared unfit, but his replacement, Cheese Manna, played with the aplomb of a veteran.

Obviously the PE City’s tactics were to hustle the more polished Cape Town City side into mistakes and this they succeeded in doing. John Manning, a tower of strength in the centre-forward position, gave “Big Ben” Anderson a torrid time and this allowed PE City to probe the Cape Town City weakness, Ernie Yard.

Robert Manning found he had the beating of Yard, and this was where Cape Town City had problems.

Tackling like terriers, PE City swung into the attack from the start with John Manning, Robert Manning and Roy Rudham giving the Cape Town City defence a hard time in the first half, and the PE City team, sensing that this was the way to win the match, kept up a constant barrage of attacks.

Cape Town City, surprisingly, panicked at the back, and when Robert Manning and his brother John, combined well, they sent Johnny Byrne away and the spectators erupted as he hammered a glorious shot past Donnelly.

Then Roy Rudham hit a great shot that had Donnelly groping, only to see the ball hit the upright and bounce off the goalkeeper for a corner.

Cape Town City rarely looked dangerous in the first half, mainly due to the threat of the Manning brothers and Rudham, who kept the midfield trio of Morrison, Gie and Hunter under pressure.

The half-time whistle sounded with PE City one up, but well on top.

After the changeover, PE City were under some pressure in the first minute, but came back strongly when Byrne notched his second goal. John Manning played the ball back to Hugh Houston and he found Byrne clear on the left wing. The wiry Scot cut in and gave Donnelly no chance with a rising shot.

The delighted PE City players swarmed all over Byrne and the praise was worthy of the effort. PE City continued to attack and when Andenson and Donnelly got into a tangle, Roy Rudham was there to make it 3-0 with a lob over the goalkeeper’s head.

The frantic signals from the Cape Town City manager, Roy Bailey, heralded a double change in the l3th minute of the second half, when he hauled off Yard and Gie with Gary France and Sandy Allan taking over.

Cape Town City looked a far better side after this and they pressed strongly, but with Eoin Hand, Danny Campbell and the other defenders tackling quickly, danger was averted at most times.

Cape Town City did get a goal when a doubtful decision went against PE City. The linesman ruled one way and the referee the other.

Caught off balance, the PE City defenders allowed Geoff Hurst, who had a quiet night, to slip away on the left and he found Gary France, who had no difficulty in beating Manna.

Port Elizabeth City (1) 3, Cape Town City (0) 1.

Eastern Province Herald
July 25, 1973
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