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Rugby St George's Park - 1949 All Blacks Rugby Tour of South Africa - Fourth Test
1949 All Blacks Rugby Tour of South Africa - Fourth Test

The All Blacks were determined to win the last International match at the Crusader Ground, St George's Park, Port Elizabeth on Saturday, September 17, 1949.

From the word go they were on the Springbok's line. Here a scrum was formed, an All Black back knocked on, and Hennie Muller dribbled on.

One of the Springboks apparently went offside and Scott had a chance to open the scoring within one minute of the start. He missed.

Within the next few minutes he missed two more penalties. From the last Brewis cleared beautifully. From a scrum on the halfway line the All Blacks hooked, and sent out to their backs.

Scott came out into the line and then Du Toit intercepted between Delamore and the centres. It looked like a certain try, but All Black wings had turned around and were chasing Du Toit, catching up on him with every step they took. A few yards from the line they overtook him, and saved grandly.

After Scott had missed two drops the Springboks, with Kenyon and Muller in the lead managed to gain a lot of ground, but Scott cleared.

Next Malan, Geffen and Brewis were away in a bout of interpassing. When stopped a scrum followed. Du Toit passed to Brewis who reverse-passed to Muller who ran right through and was stopped on the line, many people thinking that he had actually scored.

The All Blacks then got away. Henderson kicked across, Delamore and Elvidge were there to dribble on. Johnson picked up and dived over the line, 3-0.

When halftime came the All Blacks were still three points up and it was anybody's game.

The second half started sensationally for within a minute of the restart Geffin put over a penalty from 40 yards out. Although the game shifted backwards and forwards, up and down, there was deadly tackling among the backs, and in this connection the names of Lategan and Van Schoor must be mentioned.

The All Blacks, contrary to the other three International matches, were holding their own in the second half, and at that stage were slightly better than the Springboks.

Scott came into the line, and away sped Henderson. When faced by Van der Schyff he passed inwards, but his pass was knocked on and an almost certain try was lost.

The Springboks now took matters in hand, and Chris Koch seemed to have scored, but the referee gave a scrum from which Du Toit trotted over, Geffen converting, 8-3.

Delamore and Goddard each had a go at the Springbok line after this, but the defence held. The All Blacks remained on the attack, and out went the ball to Delamore who drew the defence before passing to Elvidge who by sheer strength and determination romped over, Scott adding the extra points. 11-8.

Now ensued a battle royal with the game still undecided. Backwards and forwards, fieldside and blindside, it raged, but none were going to give away unnecessary points.

Van der Schyff took a penalty near the halfway and touchlines. The ball sailed straight for its mark, but at the last second swerved out and hit the upright.

From their own line, Skinner, Simpson, Christian and Johnson got away, but Malan saved and Brewis, with a good kick, took the All Blacks to their line where the final whistle found them.

South Africa won 11 - 8.

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