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Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Rugby St George's Park - 1910 British Rugby Tour of South Africa - Second Test
1910 British Rugby Tour of South Africa - Second Test
August 27, 1910 - Port Elizabeth

The British team won the second international at the Crusader’s ground quite deservedly by 8 - 3, in a match in which Stevenson, Smith, Webb and Jarman were outstanding for the visitors.

When Hahn and Mills, the two wings, took play into the British half, nobody thought that the Springboks would lose. Hanford relieved the pressure with a good dribbling rush which he led, but Mills saved and then broke away and cross-kicked.

A dangerous movement was only just stopped, and then it was the turn of the British forwards to take the ball to the Springboks quarters. Here Isherwood obtained and passed to Jones who broke beautifully before transferring to Foster who went for the line like a hare.

Fortunately for the Springboks Gideon Roos had cut across and with a smart low tackle stopped the danger.

The Springboks were giving their backs plenty of opportunities, and first Mills and then Hahn went for the line, only to be met by a deadly defence. Back came the British forwards, in a rush in which several backs joined.

Allport saved, but out went the ball to Pillman who broke right through and was stopped on the line by three Springboks. The British team was playing good rugby at this stage, and South Africa’s score came rather against the run of play.

It was a beautiful try however. De Villiers, Luyt and Hahn had taken play to the other end when De Villiers broke again and gave to Luyt who sent Mills over. Halftime score was 3 - 0.

Although playing against the wind in the second half it was South Africa who first went over to the offensive, and Lombard came close to scoring. When the British team got away Isherwood sent out to Pillman, who, making use of the wind, kicked high. The bounce of the ball beat Allport but favoured Spoors who scored. Pillman’s kick hit the upright. 3 - 3.

The next bit of brilliance came from Pillman who broke on his own, and when tackled, passed out to Neale who scored. This time Pillman made no mistake. This second try of the British team, coming as it did only two minutes after the first, seemed to put more pep into them, and they launched one attack after the other.

Hancock on one occasion was almost through and Roos had to kick the ball over the deadball line. South Africa got away once or twice but the British team, using the wind judiciously, drove them back, and when the final whistle blew at 8 - 3, Britain was attacking strongly.

Final Score:
Britain: 8 - South Africa: 3.

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