St George's Park History
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Matches St George's Park - An Exciting Match
An exciting match between the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club and the Grahamstown Cricket Club

It was most amusing watching the actions of the crowd in the Pavilion on Saturday afternoon during the cricket match between the Port Elizabeth Club and Grahamstown.

Towards the end of the game everybody got so excited and interested that had they been metal puppets connected to the same electric battery they could not have been more in unison.

The local Club required four runs to equal and five to beat the visitors' score, and the last men were at the wickets.

As the ball was thrown to the bowler the spectators by mutual consent stopped talking.

They watched him take a few steps and raise his arm previous to delivering the ball with almost breathless interest.

Nearly all of them hoped Elliott would make a hard drive, and yet they trembled for the safety of his stumps.

The batsman, by some animal magnetism, appeared to share in the excitement, for he patted his block-hole nervously and looked as if he devoutly wished the match relied upon anyone but himself.

Fortunately the ball came bounding off the leg stump.

Elliott half turned round and by a fine hit sent it flying to the boundary.

Then the pent up feelings of those in the Pavilion were let loose.

The crowd simultaneously half rose from their seats, shouted until they were tired, and then hit the floor as if it were a bitter enemy.

Everybody talked and laughed together then and each confidently declared that it was a splendid hit, as if he was the only individual who had seen it.

Truly "one touch of nature makes the whole world akin."

Port Elizabeth Telegraph and Eastern Province Standard.
January 29, 1887

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