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The Matches St George's Park - Great stuff EP!
Great stuff EP!

Great stuff, indeed.

The banner which the enthusiasts flaunted around St George's at the end of proceedings yesterday said it all.

In its centenary year, Eastern Province had lifted South African cricket's top honour and won the acclaim of sportsmen everywhere.

And the margin - a whopping innings and 103 runs - was certainly comprehensive.

Who would dare say that the Currie Cup was not well and truly lost and won?

The armchair experts will feast on it for weeks.

Was the game really decided on the spin of the coin?

What if Transvaal batted first?

Who still says Wessels was wrong not to declare on the second day?

Remember those lifters that floored Clive Rice and left Ray Jennings a nervous wreck?

And what about EP's batting?

Amm's double-ton, McEwan in full cry, Michau's timely return to form?

Kepler for Springbok captain. Great stuff it is.

Yet it is as well to remember that it is still only a game.

In saluting the EP cricketers we also play tribute to the stubborn Transvaalers.

Although outplayed and outgunned in every faucet of the game, it was not until Rice popped up that catch towards the end that victory finally looked a reality.

Fittingly, there were on hand scores of international personalities, new and old, to watch EP write this important page in its cricket history.

If the sentiments expressed by many of them at the great bash at UPE on Monday night is anything to go by, they are friends of South African cricket to a man.

We need such friends if our players are to take their rightful place in the family of cricketing nations.

The sad part is that the prospect still looks such a long way off.

Eastern Province Herald.
March 15, 1989.

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