St George's Park History
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The Matches St George's Park - Port Elizabeth Cricket Club vs Eighteen Youngsters - 1864
Port Elizabeth Cricket Club vs Eighteen Youngsters - 1864

An interesting game was played on the ground of the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club on Saturday last, between eleven of the Port Elizabeth Club and eighteen of the “Youngsters” of the town.

In the first innings, the youngsters played remarkably well.

Their fielding was first-rate, and the bowling excellent, as will be seen by the few wides and byes gained by their opponents.

The bowling on the side of the Port Elizabeth Club was indifferent; and, indeed, the play of the first innings exhibited a degree of carelessness that was corrected when they went in again; although they had merely youngsters to contend against, it was soon evident they would be pretty close pushed; and when the first innings were completed with only 5 runs in favour of the seniors, the Club did their best to win.

In the second innings, however, the Club only scored 44 against 62 in the first, and had the youngsters had run up a score of 57 in their first innings, odds were in favour of the juniors, who seemed in high glee.

Borcherds, however, was put on to bowl, and his bowling was very destructive, scattering the timbers at almost every ball.

The result was, that in the second innings they only scored 30 against 57 in the first, leaving the Port Elizabeth Club victors by 19 runs.

Without further analysis of the game, we give the score, which will speak for itself.

We understand the return game will be played next Saturday week, when, probably, the Port Elizabeth Club will think it worth their while to put on a little more steam; or at least, play with a little more care.

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