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The Matches St George's Park - 1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Transvaal vs Eastern Province
1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Transvaal vs Eastern Province

April 9

As the Eastern Province were engaged this morning finishing their match with the Border they were not able to begin their engagement with the Transvaal until after lunch. The Transvaal team was the same as that which so easily defeated Griqualand, Floquet and Faulkner again standing out.

Eastern Province won the toss, and sent out Crooks and Prince to face the bowling of Kotze and Sinclair.

The Province started badly. In Kotze’s first over Crooks played one slowly to cover point, and lost his wicket in attempting an impossible run, and Sinclair upset Prince’s wicket with his second ball, telegraph reading four for two.

Giddy cut Kotze nicely to the boundary for three, and got another three off Sinclair between point and cover, while Gleeson snicked the same bowler to leg for another three.

The partnership, however, soon came to an end, for in Kotze’s next over Giddy was well caught in the slips by Tancred, with the score at 15 for three. In the same over Kotze clean bowled Gleeson, splintering the middle stumps.

Hippert and Daly then got together, and started playing a stonewall game, but when the total had been taken to 21, Kotze bowled Daly with a trimmer, which carried one of the bails up a great height and to a distance of 40 paces from the wicket.

White filled the vacancy, and he and Hippert soon took the score to 40, Hippert getting both bowlers nicely through the slips, and once he hit a full pitch from Sinclair to the on boundary.

White played a steady game. He cut Sinclair to the boundary and drove him for two, and looked like making a stand, but Sinclair found his wicket with a slow ball when the score stood at 47. He had made 15 and was the sixth wicket to go.

The end soon came with the score at 48 for seven. Hippert was well taken in the slips off Sinclair, and Gibbs fell a victim to the same bowler. Lyons was out lbw to Sinclair, and Loetz was stumped off the first ball he received from Sinclair.

Whole side out in one hour and ten minutes.

April 11.

With the total at 170, Wallach was bowled by White. Had all the chances offered in the field been accepted, the score would have been much smaller. White, who was missed so many times, contributing 51.

Transvaal were all out for 170 runs.

Eastern Province started their second venture just before noon. Crooks and Prince facing the bowling of Kotze and Sinclair. Off Kotze’s first over, Prince got a couple of lucky boundaries over the head of the slips.

Both batsmen started opening their shoulders, but their partnership did not last long, Prince  being bowled by Sinclair with a good one, which kept low, when the score was 17.

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JJ Kotze
Hippert went to the vacant end, and before he had scored, Kotze found his wicket, the telegraph reading 22-2-0.

Giddy then partnered Crooks, but with the score at 26 the latter skied one off Sinclair and Wallach caught him. White and Giddy then became associated and looked like making a stand.

By steady play they took the score to 37, but White was out lbw to Kotze, making four wickets down for 37. Two runs later Giddy was caught at mid-on, off Sinclair. Daly and Gleeson then got together and made a useful stand.

They took the score to 60, and then White relieved Kotze with the ball. Gleeson cot Sinclair away very prettily, but the bowler got him caught and bowled the same over, with the score at 63, of which he had contributed 15.

Daly, who was now joined by Lyons, hit pretty freely, and he sent 70 up with a well-timed hit to the leg boundary off White. He got Sinclair away to leg twice, and drove White to the boundary, and a couple by Lyons caused 80 to appear on the board.

At this stage Shepstone took the ball from White, who had met with no success.

At the luncheon interval Lyons sent the 90 up with an off drive off Sinclair, but he was caught and bowled, Sinclair bringing off a brilliant left-handed catch. There were now only three wickets to fall, and the Eastern Province still wanted 30 to avoid a single innings defeat.

In Sinclair’s next over Daly gave an easy chance at square leg which was not accepted, and a run resulted in bringing Gibbs to the bowling end, where he was beaten by Sinclair, and retired with the score at 93 for eight.

Gubb joined Daly, and the pair took the total to 100, Gubb cutting Kotze nicely to the boundary on the on side. Both batsmen continued to score, and Gubb saved the single innings defeat by a five on drive to boundary and a stolen short one.

Daly, after getting Sinclair away to leg for four, lifted one into the deep field, and was well taken by Sherwell. Apart from the one chance he gave he played a sound innings for his 40, and saved his side from disaster.

The last wicket gave little trouble, Loetz being bowled by Kotze without scoring. The innings closed for 129, leaving the Transvaal nine to get in their second innings.

Eastern Province were all out for 129 in their second innings.

The Transvaal then sent in Tancred and Shalders, who made the necessary score, thus winning by 10 wickets.

Cape Daily Telegraph.

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