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The Matches St George's Park - 1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Eastern Province vs Border
1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Eastern Province vs Border
April 6

There were few people on the Union ground to witness the opening of the above match this morning.

The turf was rather on the soft side owing to the heavy downpour of rain during the night, but the matting seemed to play satisfactory.

The new pavilion is a great improvement, and an excellent view can be obtained from the elevated position of the grand stand.

The following have been chosen to represented the teams:

Eastern Province: R A Gleeson (captain), D Crooks, L L Giddy, A J White, D Daly, H T Hibbert, F Hippert, J Loets, A Lyons, J Edward, C Prince.

Border: D D Davies, F J Sutton, A W Shingler, S J Snooke, B Johnstone, E Hartigan, R Randall, W Bertram, N H Giddy, B E Gordon, R Barnes.

Umpires: Smith and Creese.

April 7

The Eastern Province team losing the toss fielded first, Davies and Sutton facing the bowling of Lyons and Loetz.

In the second over Davies sneaked one in the slips, and essaying a run Suttons wicket was thrown down by Gleeson, an unfortunate start.

Shingler, the newcomer, scored a couple from his first ball, and six extras brought 10 up, two fours being registered from the byes, the leather getting up over Princes head.

Extras came faster than runs from the bat until with 20 signalled Shingler lifted Loetz to the on boundary, and later on Davies repeated the dose.

With the score at 42, Edward took the ball from Loetz and his second delivery bowled Shingler, who had compiled 15.

With a few runs added White supplanted Lyons.

Davies, playing a careful game, put one off Edward through the slips, passing close to Lyons, to the boundary. Play was decidedly slow, runs coming in twos and singles.

With 60 on the board Davies put a fast one off White into Lyons hands, he having contributed a useful 22. 60-3-22. Johnson partnered Snooke, and the first ball the latter received he despatched out of thr ground, a big hit for six.

Edward next upset Johnsons wicket with a fast yorker, the retiring batsman having made seven. In attempting a short run Hartigan lost his wicket, half the team being out for 70.

Each batsman scored a three of Edward, but the new man put one up in the following over, Giddy bringing off a clever catch. Snooke made a dangerous cut in the slips, the ball travelling fast to the boundary, and of Whites next over the same batsman drove to the limits of play.

Meantime Bertram had opened his account by an indifferent hit to the out and later placed a loose ball to leg for a couple, the bowler being Edward. Snooke, aho hd been hitting hard, pulled the last-named bowler for a four, and cut him to the boundary for the same figure, thus bringing up the century and subsequently got White to leg for three.

Bertram was not so fortunate, and missing a fast straight one from Edward retired with three to his credit. This brought on the luncheon interval.

April 7

Heavy rain fell yesterday afternoon and during the night. The whole district has received a thorough soaking. This morning, however, the sun re-appeared, and the indications are in favour of a fine day for cricketers.

April 7

Owing to rain, which set in about three oclock this afternoon, cricket had to be suspended for the day.

April 7

When play began this morning, the position was that the Border team had lost seven wickets for 111 runs, Snooke being not out, 41. His partner was Giddy, and the bowlers were White at the lower end and Edward at the top.

Snooke got White to the boundary for four in the first over, and Giddy Edward to leg for three, while two balls later Snooke brought 120 up by getting the same bowler to leg for a couple.

Snooke next lifted a slow one from White out of the ground amidst applause. A couple of runs on Giddy lost his wicket in an attempt to draw Edward to leg, he having added four to the total, 120-8-4.

Gordon took the vacant end, and Edward again found the stumps. The end soon came, as Snooke just failed to properly hit  one from White, he being splendidly caught on the boundary by Hippert.

Snookes contribution of 57 included two sixes, and was a very good exhibition of the game. Edward had bowled most successfully, as his analysis shows.

April 8

The Eastern Province 1st innings did not open auspiciously, as three wickets were down for 14 runs. Daly and Giddy opened to the bowling of Snooke and Gordon.

The Grahamstown batsman was the first to go; after he had put up a flukey one in the slips, which was dropped by his brother, he was clean bowled by Snooke.

Crook, who succeeded, tried to stop one with his leg, and the appeal to the umpire was adverse.

Prince joined Daly, but the last-named was clean bowled in trying to hit.

On Gleeson going to the wickets, an effective stand was made which saved the innings. Prince monopolised most of the bowling, and hit freely all round the wicket, while Gleeson was playing confidently and carefully. Eventually Prince was out to a long hop from Gordon, the partnership having proved invaluable, taking the total from 14 to 88.

Princes score included a couple of sixes off Gordon, one at deep mid-on, and the other almost directly over the bowlers head. Gleeson fell to a smart catch in the slips.

Lyons was taken at point, and Hippert skied one which Davies secured, while Loetz fell a victim in the slips. At lunch time, the total was 114 for 9.

On resuming, two balls sufficed to close the innings.

Eastern Province were all out in their first innings for 118.

The Border entered on their second venture by sending Davies and Sutton to the wickets, Edward and Lyons sharing the bowling.

In the third over the doctor dismissed Davies, and a couple of overs later on Sutton was caught by Prince behind the sticks off the same bowler, 5-2-1. Snooke then joined Shingler, and square legged Edward for two, repeating the stroke off Lyons, which brought 10 up.

Shingler, who appeared far from easy, slipped one to Daly in long slip and retired. Hartigan opened by driving Edward to the on for a couple, and Snooke neatly placed Lyons in the slips for a similar number, but the succeeding ball Prince missed an easy chance at stumping him.

Hartigan scored six off Edward in three cuts to the off, and his partner driving Lyons for a couple brought 30 on the board. Runs came slowly, each batsman hooking Lyons for three and driving Edward for a couple.

This brought Loetz on at Lyons end, and White at Edwards. It did not, however, prevent scoring, Snooke making some very clean strokes and Hartigan useful hits. The latter, with the score at 52, was beaten by Loetz with a fast one to which he stepped forward, he having made 18.

Snooke continued to add twos and threes in varying parts of the field. Randalls stay was not long, as he was cleverly taken in the slips by Lyons. 65-5-1.

April 8

Eastern Province continued their innings this morning, the not outs, Crooks and Hippert, facing Snooke and Gordon.

Crooks at once set about the bowling and several times got Snooke to the leg, while Hippert placed Gordon through the slips for a couple.

Each batsman scored singles off Gordon, and then Snooke was driven by Crooks for three, the ball just falling short of the boundary. Hippert lifted Gordon for a four, bringing 80 up.

April 8

Continuing our description of the second innings of the Border team, Giddy and Snooke carried the score on until the former put one into Hipperts hands, and the newcomer (Bertram) repeated the movement while Johnson returned one to Loetz without scoring.

Gordon partnered Snooke, and the century appeared. The innings closed with the board showing 124. Snooke had played a fine innings for 52 not out, but it was not faultless, and he should have been taken before he had become troublesome.

Eastern Province wanted 140 to win when they entered on their second venture. They commenced badly, and after the first wicket had fallen at 8, and the second at 17, four wickets produced only six runs, the board showing the following disappointing figures - 23-6-0.

With Crooks and Hippert together a stand was made. The latter played very carefully, while Crooks did the scoring.

Twice he drove the leather out of bounds, and had run up 28 when stumps were drawn for the day, with the score at 52 for six wickets.

Eastern Province continued their innings the following morning, the not outs, Crooks and Hippert, facing Snooke and Gordon.

Crooks at once set about the bowling and several times got Snooke to the leg, while Hippert placed Gordon through the slips for a couple.

Each batsman scored singles off Gordon, and then Snooke was driven by Crooks for three, the ball just falling short of the boundary. Hippert lifted Gordon for a four, bringing 80 up.

Eastern Province won by three wickets. Crooks, not out 81; Hippert, c Johnson, b Gordon, 13; A D Lyons, not out, 14; extras, 11; total, 140 for seven wickets.

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