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The Matches St George's Park - 1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Transvaal vs Griqualand West
1903 - Currie Cup Tournament - Transvaal vs Griqualand West

April 6

Parkin won the toss for Griqualand West and elected to bat, going to the wickets himself with J Powell to open the innings, Kotze and Sinclair sharing the attack.

Both batsmen started steadily and got some pretty strokes through the slips.

In his third over Kotze clean bowled Powell with a no-ball, which went to the boundary for four, but he was not to be denied, and two balls later he got Powellís wicket with a good one, which kept very low.

B Powell then joined the captain, but Kotze yorked him before he had scored.

ź ź ź

Rain continued practically throughout the greater part of last night, and when play commenced the wicket was soft and slow.

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GC White
Sinclair and Schwarz, the not outs, went to the wickets at half-past ten, and the former drove Collinsí first ball to the on, and Schwarz got him away nicely to the leg.

A fine square leg bat by Schwarz off Verhoyen, a neat snick to leg by Sinclair, and a good on drive by Schwarz sent the hundred up.

In the next over Sinclair made a hard drive to the on, which the fieldman partially stopped. Schwarz started to run, and failed to get back before his wicket was put down. The captain filled the vacancy and opened his account with a couple off a neat leg stroke.

B Powell took the ball from Collins and the change was at once successful. Off his second ball Sinclair, who had contributed 25 by attractive cricket was caught in the slips, the score standing at 103 for four.

White joined the captain but after getting a couple to leg off Powell, he was cleaned bowled by Verhoyen. Shepstone followed in, and was never comfortable with Powell who bowled him in his second over, with the score at 110 for six.

In meantime Mitchell was playing good cricket, and made some pretty leg strokes off both bowlers, including a boundary off Powell, who had puzzled the other batsmen a good deal.

Sherwell, who was at the other end, let several leg balls off, but at length got Powell away to the boundary. In the next over Mitchell carted a full pitch from Verhoyen to the pavilion boundary and drove him to the off boundary, sending 130 up.

Both batsmen now started hitting and with 140 on the board Backman took the ball from Verhoyen. The change was ineffective, runs coming freely.

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JH Sinclair
Mitchell  sent 150 up with a magnificent on drive, and Parkin took the ball from Powell. 160 was telegraphed after Mitchell had hit Parkin to the leg boundary, and a little later Mitchell survived a pretty general appeal for catch at wicket off Backman.

At 170 Glover relieved Backman, but the score mounted up, both batsmen playing confidently and were fairly set, Sherwell showing partiality for leg balls.

At 186 Verhoyen took the ball from Parkin, and Collins relieved Glover, but runs came pretty freely, and Mitchell sent 200 up by putting a long hop from Verhoyen to the boundary. This he followed up with two more boundaries on leg side.

With his score at 63, Mitchell gave a hard chance on the slips, which the fieldsman just touched with his fingers, following this by hitting Verhoyen to the boundary twice.

Sherwell now had 38 to his credit, and was getting in good form. With an on drive and a couple of fine hits to the leg boundary, he increased his score to 48, and brought B Powell on in place of Verhoyen.

Mitchell and Sherwell both hit the new bowler to leg, and 230 was telegraphed. With 250 on the board Sherwell nearly lost his wicket through a smart piece of fielding at extra cover.

A bad return, however, saved him. He then had 59 to his credit and Mitchell was drawing near his century. At lunch interval the pair were still together, and the score 272.

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F Mitchell
After the luncheon interval Mitchell re-opened his innings to the bowling of B Powell, whom he got away to leg boundary and drove to the on for three. A single off Parkin gave him his hundred, and he received quite an ovation from spectators, who, however, as on Monday, were not very numerous.

Two runs later Mitchell was bowled by Powell. His innings, apart from a singlehard chance in the slips, was without a blemish. His turning of the ball was excellent, and he hit all round the wicket with great freedom.

His hits included 11 fours, three threes and 12 twos. His partnership with Sherwell, which lasted nearly three hours, produced 183 runs.

Mitchell was bowled by Powell with the score still at 292, and the next over Sherwell, who had 71 to his credit was smartly stumped off Parkin. His fine innings included 8 fours.

Kotze treated the spectators to some hitting, and soon after he was partnered by Wallach, 300 was telegraphed. Kotze laid on several more, and once he hit Parkin clean out of the ground.

Wallach fell a victim to a shoot from Parkin, and the innings closed for 316.

ź ź ź

April 7

With a deficiency of 250 staring them in the face, the Griqualand West team started their second innings at 3.20, Parkin and J Powell facing the bowling of Kotze and Sinclair. Parkin survived an appeal for stumping, but in Sinclairís second over Powell was clean bowled.

His brother, who followed in, lost his wicket attempting an impossible run, two wickets thus falling for six runs.

The score had only been raised to ten when when Parkin was bowled by Sinclair.

Gibbs and Glover looked like making a stand, but directly 20 appeared on the board Kotze found Gloverís wicket.

Raaf stayed with Gibbs until the score had been taken to 30, Raaf doing most of the scoring, when the latter, having survived one appeal, was caught at the wicket by Wallach off Kotze.

The first ball of Sinclairís next over bowled Gibbs, the telegraph reading 30-6-7.

Only four runs had been added when Backman was caught at square leg off Sinclair.

Eden was bowled by Kotze, and Sinclair found Rutherfordís wicket. Collins was also bowled by Sinclair without scoring, and the inning closed for 34.

Transvaal thus won by an innings and 216 runs.

The Griqualand men were entirely out-classed, and could do nothing with the bowling of Sinclair and Kotze, the former being the most effective.

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