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The Matches St George's Park - Break of Day vs Australian Comic Opera Company
Break of Day vs Australian Comic Opera Company

February 15, 1904, was a great day with the Malays of the town when they met and entertained the Djin Djin team of the Australian Comic Opera Company on the Pirates ground in Port Elizabeth. The match commenced at 11 o’clock, stumps being drawn at 5.30 pm, the match ending in a rather easy win for the Malay team, the Break of Day, on their first innings.

The Australians, going in first, only managed to put together 42, Layton, with 20, being the only man to reach double figures. The Break of Day team replied with 73 - Gamit 23, Adgerdun 12, Slaman 11, and Mirrie 10, entering double figures.

Going in the second time, the Australians made 61, Layton again heading the list with 25, while Quealy, with 11, was the only other man to do much. With 10 minutes to go, the Break of Day went in again and compiled 12, when stumps were drawn.

(We have included this 1935-36 team photo in the report because we believe that the President of the club, HM Agherdien, is the player reffered to as M Adgerdun in the newspaper report.)

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Break of Day Cricket Club
Winners of
1st League Lion Cup Season, 1935 - 36.
Runners Up Independent Social Cup.

Standing: HM Agherdien (President), K Samsodien (Scorer), A Hendricks, A Agherdien, AB Cassiem, E Bethanie (Hon Sec), S Dolley, I Agherdien, A Salie, T Marcus (Vice President)
Sitting: HM Kahaar, M Boomgard, HM Hendricks (Treasurer) S Hendricks (Captain), AKafaar (Chairman), MT Jappie, H Majiet.
Front Row: M Morley, H Davids, MA Hendricks, I Nordien.

There was a large number of Malays - some 500 - on the ground, while there was also a goodly attendance of Europeans. Luncheon was provided on the ground by the Malays, and when the inner man had been amply satisfied a little speechifying was indulged in.

“The King” was given and loyally honoured, after which the Break of Day and Opera Company’s teams were duly toasted, speeches being made by Messrs Arthur King, D Shortland, W.S Percy, Mallick, Salmi, and Isaacs.

Mr W O'sullivan, the captain of the theatricals, then gave a very pleasing speech, thanking the members of the Malay Committee for the excellent manner in which they had entertained his men, and the response was made by Mr Williams.

During the afternoon a number of enjoyable dances were given by the Malay girls and men, the former of whom all were dressed in their best, several of the Opera Company team also joining in. All seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

At the conclusion of the play Dad O'Sullivan, in an eloquent speech, again returned thanks, and cheers were given for the two teams and all who had assisted in making the match a success, the proceedings closing with the singing of the National Anthem.


Ralston, run out1
Quealy c and b James3
Albert, b H Jemat6
Layton, s Jeppe, b Adgerdun20
Vaughan, not out6
T Quealy b James1
Wallace, b James0
Stone, b James0
Shortland, b Adgerdun0
Perey, b James2
Young, b Adgerdun0


M Adgerdun, run out0
E Saekim, b Stone5
Slaman, c and b Vaughan11
B Mirrie, b Willis10
H Gamit, b Ralston23
B Maddat, b Willis0
D Adgerdun, b Vaughan12
T Davies, b Vaughan0
H Jappie, not out6
Adgerdun, b Ralston0
James, b Vaughan0

(We believe that the surnames of the players Adgerdun have been misspelt in this report and that the correct spelling should be Agherdien.)

Eastern Province Herald.
February 16, 1904.

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