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The Matches St George's Park - 1928 - Eastern Province thrash MCC
1928 - Eastern Province thrash MCC

Eastern Province cricket struggled for many years to come, but there was one day which stood out above all others, and the sporting reporters of the cricket world unbelievingly looked at their cables.

That was the Saturday in January, 1928, when Arthur Ochse and Billy Boltman bowled out an MCC touring side on the P.E. Cricket Club ground for 49.

Seventeen overs and they were gone like a puff of wind. The fact that Herbert Sutcliffe with 79 and Bob Wyatt with 101 scored the 187 required for victory without the loss of a second innings wicket was neither here nor there.

The operative figure was 49. And on a perfect wicket-matting!

Then the old ground settled down to an era of respectable domesticity with a quiet and comfortable programme of league cricket interspersed with an occasional first-class match.


Whole Side Dismissed by Eastern Province for Total of 49 Runs


Magnificent Bowling by Ochse and Boltman:

Only Two Visitors Reach Double Figures

The most sensational cricket ever seen in Port Elizabeth was witnessed on the PE Club's ground in St George's Park on Saturday afternoon when the redoubtable MCC collapsed in almost unbelievable fashion before the attacks of Eastern Province.

Easterns, batting first, were dismissed for the moderate total of 136, the hero of the side being Hards, who, although somewhat lucky, proved the mainstay of his side.

With the MCC in shortly after tea, the thrills commenced.

Seventeen runs were knocked up by Sutcliffe and Dawson, when the dismissal of the latter was the signal for the rout to begin.

The next wicket fell at 19 and thereafter there was a procession of MCC batsmen between the pavilion and the pitch, and with only 49 on the board the whole side had been dismissed in the most sensational manner.

Ochse and Boltman proved the visitors undoing. Bowling in irresistible manner, the former took five wickets for 31 runs and the latter two for 11.

Province's First Innings Realises 136

The eagerly-anticipated match between the MCC touring team and the Eastern Province commenced on the Port Elizabeth cricket ground on Saturday afternoon.

A cool breeze from the south-east tempered the heat, and there was a fairly good attendance at the start.

Francis won the toss and decided to bat. Promptly to time Stanyforth led his men on the field and the visitors were cordially applauded as they emerged from the pavilion.

They were quickly followed by Van der Berg and Francis, the former facing Wyatt, who bowled from the Drive end.

Off the third delivery Van der Berg scored a risky single.

The Province skipper neatly turned the next ball, the first he received, to leg for a single.

Staples shared the bowling, operating from the Drive end.

Francis scored a brace cleverly twice in succession off the new bowler, and the confidence he displayed at this early stage was appreciated by the crowd.


Wyatt's second over to Van der Berg was a maiden.

Francis was cheered for a pretty cut through the slips, which yielded only a single, however, off Staples.

Ten runs were hoisted after 13 minutes play, and these were gathered off five overs.

Francis would not be tempted with off-breaks from Staples, who sent down a ruthless over in his third essay.

Wyatt followed suit, and Francis brought off another of his favourite shots past square leg which gave him double figures.

Then the crowd appreciated two well-placed leg shots by Van der Berg off Wyatt which gave him two and three respectively.

This brought 20 runs on the board after 22 minutes play.

Hopes for a fruitful partnership were shattered when Wyatt bowled Francis with a beautiful length ball. (21 -1-11)

Steers came in and Staples bowled a runless over.

Then Van der Berg on-drove Wyatt for three and gained double figures, compiled in 31 minutes.


Stales, in his eighth over, dispensed with the slips, adopting the leg theory. Steers got a brace of twos off the over.

In Wyatt's ninth over a sharp "Hows that" by Elliott against Van der Berg was negatived.

Disaster came to the Easterns as Steers was caught and bowled by Staples. (36 - 2 - 8).

Hopes of a fruitful stand were revived when Pattison partnered Van der Berg. He negotiated the remainder of the over from Staples, who was credited with a wicket maiden.

Van der Berg was nicely set when Elliott caught him behind the wickets off Wyatt. (36 - 3- 12).

The outgoing batsman occupied the wickets for three-quarters of an hour. This was a wicket-maiden for Wyatt.

Pattison welcomed Hards with a clinking off-drive for three at Wyatt's expense, and Hards raised delighted cheering when he obtained the first boundary, a powerful off-drive off the same bowler.

Another burst of applause rewarded a beautiful straight drive by Hards off Wyatt, which brought 50 on the board after 53 minutes of play.


At 54, Peebles was substituted for Wyatt, at the Drive end.

An appeal for lbw against Hards went in favour of the batsman. Peebles initial effort was a maiden.

Stevens came on at Staples' end, thus inaugurating a double bowling change.

Peebles was punished by both batsmen in his second over.

Hards went out to drive Peebles, missed the ball, and escaped as Elliott was unable to gather, and the ball travelled to the screen for boundary byes.

Hards was missed in the slips off Stevens' next over.

Both batsmen were obviously in difficulties at times but managed to keep their ends up till 3.15, when refreshments were dispensed on the field.

A quiet couple of overs was followed by a lucky snick to the boundary by Hards off Stevens.

At 79 the crowd applauded when Freeman took the ball from Peebles.

They cheered much louder, however, when Pattison banged the first delivery to the leg boundary.

Another cheer greeted Hards who straight-drove Stevens for four, and at this stage was batting in excellent style.

He got another three off Freeman (two extras as the result of a overthrow), and another two in the same over, and a single, which brought the total to 99.


Staples came on again, and as Hards turned his first delivery to leg for two, and appropriately sent the century up, the spectators evinced much enthusiasm.

The century was compiled in 98 minutes, and the partnership had put on 65 runs.

Soon after Pattison had an extremely narrow escape of being run out.

Then he was beaten and bowled by Staples after an invaluable partnership with Hards.

He was just an hour at the wickets for his runs. (102 - 4 -17).

Gentry, from whom much was expected, succumbed to the first ball he received from Staples. (102 - 5 - 0).

Ochse opened in good style as he drove Staples to the boundary, but unfortunately placed his leg in front of a straight last ball and retired. (106 - 6 - 4).

Staples met with remarkable success, as he captured three wickets in this one over for four runs.

O'Reilly followed and saw Hards let off behind the wickets off Freeman's bowling. O'Reilly was unable to negotiate Staples, whose first delivery removed the bails. (108 - 7 - 1; Hards 45).

Philpot did not relish Staples' deliveries, and was not too comfortable for the remainder of the over.


At length Hards was sent back stumped by Elliott off Staples.

He had batted for an hour and twelve minutes, and everyone was disappointed that he had not achieved his half century. (113 - 8 - 47).

An adjournment for tea was then taken. The downfall of the Easterns was chiefly due to the deadly bowling of Staples who, up to this stage, had accounted for six of the Province wickets at a cost of only 31 runs.

After tea Boltman accompanied Philpot to the wickets, the latter playing a maiden over from Freeman.

The bowling and fielding were too good for any liberties to be taken, and it was quite a relief when Boltman eventually legged Freeman to Elliott, who smartly whipped off the bails a fraction too late, were accorded impartial applause.

The end was in sight when Stevens, in his second over, dismissed Philpot lbw. (123 - 9 - 7).

Quite a little excitement reigned during the last wicket stand, when Boltman and Theophilus reached the boundary on three occasions in quick succession.

The end came at 4.40, when Boltman was given out lbw to Staples. (136 - 10 - 10).

Theophilus carried his bat for 8.


Sutcliffe and Dawson went in to bat for MCC at 4.50.

Sutcliffe was the cynosure of all eyes as he took his stance against Ochse, who initiated Eastern's attack.

Ochse's second ball struck Sutcliffe high up on the arm, and the batsmen had some misunderstanding in attempting a run, both scrambling back to their respective wickets, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Sutcliffe scored a single and Dawson three off the over.

O'Reilly was the other bowler. The first three overs yielded ten runs. Both bowlers were treated with respect, and O'Reilly's second over proved a runless one to Dawson.

In Ochse's third over, the seventh of the innings, Dawson snicked a rising ball, and Steers brought off a grand catch at first slip. (17 - 1 - 13: Sutcliff 4).


Legge came in and opened with a single off Ochse. Facing O'Reilly, he cut him and in attempting a second run was smartly run out, as the outcome of a splendid return by Francis to Theophilus, who completed the good work. (19 - 2 - 2).

Stevens filled the vacant position, and a roar of cheering greeted his early dismissal by Ochse, who sent the balls flying. (26 - 3 - 5: Sutcliffe 6).

The advent of Tyldesley conjured visions of one of those useful stands, for which he and Sutcliffe have become famous.

Boltman had come on in O'Reilly's place and the crowd became wildly excited when Sutcliffe returned his second ball to Pattison. (26 - 4 - 6).

Wyatt tried hard, but owing to excellent fielding was unable to get Boltman away, and the bowler achieved the honour of a wicket maiden, with the added distinction that this wicket was that of one of the world's master batsmen.


But a further sensation was quickly to follow, as Tyldesley was splendidly held by Boltman at third slip of Ochse. (28 - 5 - 0).

Thus practically half the side was out for less than 30 runs in 45 minutes, Ochse's three wickets to date had only cost 22 runs.

Easterns, inspired by their success, were on their toes and a splendid return by Philpot to Boltman saw Stanyforth run out without scoring. (30 - 6 - 0).

Sensation crowded on sensation as Peebles fell a victim to Ochse, when Pattison at first slip brought off a wonderful catch inches from the ground. (30 - 7 - 0).

Staples only came in to lift Ochse to O'Reilly at leg. (30 - 8- 0).

Ochse was bowling magnificently and actually acquired a double wicket maiden. Boltman was at the top of his form also, and every ball had to be carefully watched.

In Ochse's next over another brilliant return, this time by O'Reilly to Ochse, found Elliott run out (33 - 9 - 0).

Freeman brought up the rear and was cheered by the crowd when he straight drove Boltman for four and legged him for two.

A brief last wicket stand saw the score raised to 49, when Gentry accepted a catch at mid-on from Freeman off Boltman at 5.56 pm.

Ochse got a lot of work on the ball and was practically unplayable.

Thus the MCC were disposed of in 65 minutes.


Van der Berg c Elliott b Wyatt 12

TES Francis b Wyatt 11

F Steers c Staples b Staples 8

AH Pattison b Staples 17

H Hards stpd Elliott b Staples 47

J Gentry b Staples 0

AL Ochse lbw b Staples 4

HO Reilly b Staples 1

BC Philpot lbw b Stevens 7

W Boltman lbw b Staples 10

D Theophilus not out 8



Fall of wickets:

1 for 21; 2 for 36; 3 for 36; 4 for 102; 5 for 102; 6 for 106; 7 for 108; 8 for 113; 9 for 123; 10 for 136.

Bowling analysis


Wyatt 12 4 28 2

Staples 21.3 6 38 7

Peebles 6 1 12 0

Freeman 9 2 20 0

Stevens 11 2 27 1

Stevens bowled one no ball.


H Sutcliffe c Pattison b Boltman 6

EW Dawson c Steers b Ochse 13

GB Legge run out 2

GTS Stevens b Ochse 0

E Tyldesley c Boltman b Ochse 0

HES Wyatt, not out 13

Capt Stanyforth run out 0

LAR Peebles c Pattison b Ochse 0

SJ Staples c O'Reilly b Ochse 0

H Elliott run out 0

AP Freeman c Gentry b Boltman 8



Fall of wickets:

1 for 17; 2 for 19; 3 for 26; 4 for 26; 5 for 28; 6 for 30; 7 for 30; 8 for 30; 9 for 33; 10 for 49.

Bowling analysis


Ochse 9 1 31 5

O'Reilly 4 1 5 0

Boltman 4.3 1 11 2

Eastern Province Herald
January 9, 1928.

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