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The Matches St George's Park - Fiery Cape Cobras Strike Early
Fiery Cape Cobras Strike Early
Neale Emslie

The familiar spectre of batting collapses continued to haunt the Warriors as they tottered to 38 for four at the close of the second day of their Supersport Series cricket match against the Cape Cobras at Sahara Oval St George’s yesterday.

The slump in the day’s final 20 overs by the Eastern Cape side threatened to undermine a fine bowling performance which saw them restrict the visitors to 211 for nine declared. This was in reply to the Warriors' first innings of 263.

The 52-run first innings lead was extended to an overall 90 by the end of play.

WARRIORS (1st inn)

Bradfield run out (Strydom) 119

Gamiet c Duminy b Philander 6

Pope lbw b Philander 0

Jacobs b Harvey 87

Kreusch c Duminy b Philander 4

De Wett c Duminy b de Lange 1

Peterson not out 27

Sodumo c Philander b Zondeki 6

Olivier c Tsolekile b Zondeki 0

Ngam lbw b Willoughby 0 Richards run out (Zondeki) 0

Extras (b 2, lb 7, w 4) 13

Total (all out, 117.5 overs, 449 mins) 263

Fall of wickets: 1/18 2/18 3/183 4/196 5/206 6/250 7/258 8/262 9/263.

Bowling: Willoughby 22-5-58-1

Zondeki 20.5-6-43-2 (3w)

Philander 23-9-9-41

De Lange 26-8-59-1

Adams 15-4-26-0

Harvey 11-5-27-1.

CAPE COBRAS (1st inn)

Puttick c Sodumo b Olivier 34

Bassage c Sodumo b Richards 33

Strydom lbw b Olivier 0

Duminy lbw b Kreusch 41

Harvey c Gamiet b Olivier 33

Tsolekile c Sodumo b Ngam 33

Philander c Gamiet b Peterson 2

De Lange lbw b Olivier 9

Adams c de Wett b Kreusch 8

Zondeki not out 1

Extras (lb 7, w 3, nb 7) 17

Total (9 wickets dec) 211

Fall of wickets: 1-61 2-66 3-83 4-135 5-168 6-171 7-188 8-208 9-211.


Ngam: 9-0-57-1

Richards 16-6-36-1

Olivier 19-4-71-4

Peterson 8-1-19-1

Kreusch 11-5-21-2.

WARRIORS (2nd inn)

Bradfield lbw b Zondeki 0

Gamiet not out 17

Pope b Zondeki 0

Jacobs c Tsolekile b Willoughby 1

Kreusch lbw b Willoughby 10

De Wett not out 8

Extras (lb 1, w 1) 2

Total (4 wickets, 18 overs) 38

Bowling: Willoughby 8-5-15-2

Zondeki 6-1-11-2

Philander 3-0-11-0

de Lange 1-1-0-0.

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December 2, 2005.

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