St George's Park History
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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending August 15, 1903

Added 14 / 8 / 2003

Seeing that the Corinthians are to be here on Saturday week, surely it is time some announcement was made by the Committee as to the programme mapped out for their reception.

They have had a good time, and have been well catered for in the other towns they have visited, let Port Elizabeth then shake off its present apathetic attitude and prepare at once to give them a right royal welcome.

  

The English rugby team played their first match in the Transvaal on Saturday afternoon, against a representative Transvaal team.

From the start of the game it was a forward one, and in this division the local team had all the best of matters, doing pretty well as they liked with the scrummages.

English backs got only one chance, and that toward the finish, while the local backs, though not giving any evidence of brilliant play, put up a good defence, and their tackling was sound.

The game resulted in a win for the Transvaal team by 12 points to three.

  

The English rugby team played at Pretoria on Tuesday in the presence of the Lieut, Governor, Sir A Lawley, and 2,000 spectators.

The Englishmen were superior back and forward. Early in the first half, Scrimpshire dropped a goal, and Collet scored a try, Stout converting.

In the second half, Mangles scored an unimproved try for Pretoria, and Stout scored a try for England, who won by 15 points to three.

  

The English rugby team met the Maritzburg team on Thursday afternoon before a good crowd of spectators.

The visitors were much better physically than their opponents, and were head and shoulders over them in science of the game.

For a quarter of an hour after the start the game was fairly even, but afterwards the visitors showed superiority in every position and overplayed the local men.

In the first half Stout scored an unconverted try, and afterwards there was something of a procession, Skrimshire, Smyth, and Davidson (twice) getting over,

The goal kicking was very poor.

Result, England 5 tries, Maritzburg, nil.

  

In the competition for the cup, the Arabs and Crusaders met on the ground of the Olympics, and the supporters of the former team were confident of victory.

There was a capital gate and a good match was looked forward to, though it was not thought that the victory of the ’Saders would be to the extent of twenty points to love.

The first half of the game, which was pointless, certainly favoured the idea that the game was going to be a close one, but on the resumption of play the excellent combination combination of the ’Saders and the pretty forward play soon gave rise to the impression that they were trying to raise their score to the number of points - nineteen - by which they won in the last cup encounter between these two teams.

The ’Sader forwards were smarter on the ball than their opponents and accurate passing combined with judicious work on of the backs won the day.

  

The Olympic Football team, which arrived in Humansdorp on Saturday, played the village team the same day and won the match by two tries to nil.

The game was very rough, and five Olympic men were hurt.

There was absolutely no combination and all the scoring was done in the first half.

Clarkson sprained his ankle and was kicked in the knee.

Diesel has a bad thigh, Rice sprained his thumb, Sykes had his arm out, and Crage had a nasty injury to his arm.

The referee knew little about the game. Our men always appealed.
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