St George's Park History
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending August 8, 1903

Added 10 / 8 / 2003

A record crowd witnessed the first match between England and Griqualand West in Kimberley on Saturday.

The former turned out fit and strong, their forwards particularly looking in the pink of condition, and giants compared with the Griquas.

During the first half no points were scored, but in the second the game opened out and was wonderfully fast.

The Griquas did most of the pressing, scoring three times, the last of which was converted, making the score:

Griquas: 11 points.
England: Nil.

On Tuesday afternoon the second rugby football match was played in Kimberley by the Griqualand West versus the England team. Perfect summer weather prevailed, and there was a splendid attendance.

A very close game was expected, it being anticipated that the home team would win by a narrow margin, and for once the general opinion proved correct.

In the first half the locals secured first blood a try (converted) as the result of fast open play.

On changing ends, England scored two tries, the Griquas replying with a penalty goal, thus winning by two points.

Score: Griqualand West; 1 goal, 1 penalty goal: 8 points.
England; 2 tries: 6 points.

During the cricket match between Perthshire and Forfarshire, at Perth, Scotland, on Saturday, the grand stand, on which 600 people were stationed, collapsed.

A hundred people were injured, 30 seriously, 14 being detained in hospital.

The match was abandoned. The stand was oficially declared sound last Friday.

In Maritzburg the Corinthians soccer team played Maritzburg on Saturday afternoon in splendid weather, and before a large concourse.

In the first half, the local team played an excellent game, their passing was good and footwork clever, but they were never really tackled by the Corinthians, and they scored after thirty minutes.

On change of sides, the Corinthian, who were heavier and more clever, simply ran their opponents off their feet. Their passing was brilliant, and they outclassed Maritzburg on all points.

They scored two goals, but could have easily registered more if desired.

Final score:
Corinthians; two goals.
Maritzburg; one goal.

Tom Burrows announces that he will beat Instructor Thobs recent 26 hours club swinging in the Port Elizabeth Town Hall on August 19 and 20, when, he says, he will meet Thobs, or any club swinger, in a contest of scientific or fancy club swinging for 25, or more, or he would swing against different club swingers a one hour match each evening while he continues his 27 hours swinging.
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