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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending August 1, 1903

Added 1 / 8 / 2003

The English rugby team played King Williamstown on Saturday afternoon in brilliant weather, and before a large crowd. The locals had the best of matters in the first few minutes.

Through a mull by Harrison (English fullback), Whitaker scored for the town. The reverse roused the visitors, who scored rapidly.

At half time the English were 16 points, King 3.

In the second half the visitors had all their own way, and put on 21 points.

Final: England, 37; King: 3 points. The visitors gave a splendid display.

The Ramblers touring team under the able management of Mr W Rowan, arrived in Port Elizabeth on Friday night from Bloemfontein.

On Saturday they engage the Crusaders on the local ground, leaving for Grahamstown afterwards where they will play matches with both St Andrews and Albany clubs.

The team returns to Port Elizabeth next Wednesday in order to wind up their tour by a match with the Olympics on Thursday.

We are unable to state the capabilities of the Ramblers, but they seem to have brought a good team, and hope to give a good account of themselves.

The weather on Saturday afternoon was fine for golfing, and there was a large attendance on the links.

The supply of caddies was, as usual, short, for the boys are still on half strike.

The majority of members carried their own clubs, a thing they are now becoming accustomed to.

The competition for the Fraser Cup resulted in a tie between Mr A Adcock and Mr H Hibbert, with a nett score of 85.

The latter gentleman has his name already on the cup, so Mr Adcocks will now be added.
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