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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending July 18, 1903

Added 16 / 7 / 2003

Dull weather prevailed in Cape Town on Saturday on the occasion of the match between English Rugby vs Western Province Town Clubs. An immense enthusiastic crowd was again present.

The English showed much improved form, stopping the rushes much better, but the great speed of the Colonials, however, again told, and the latter had most of the game in the first half.

Van Reenen, Colonial three-quarter, scored the first try with a magnificent sprint, but it was not converted. Immediately afterwards a sensational run by an English three-quarter resulted in equalising. This try was unproductive.

Again in loose play in front of the English goal Soloman dropped a splendid goal for the Colonials.

Score at half-time:
Colonials: Seven points.
English: Three.

Hardly a minute after the restart Jackson, Colonial forward, got one from a scramble, Captain Heatlie kicking a fine goal. The Englishmen then pressed desperately, and had most of the game in the second half, but were not dangerous when near the line.

The Colonials backs showed extremely sound defence (and) nothing more was scored.

The result standing at:
Colonials: One try, one drop goal, one goal (12 points).
English: One try (three points).

Some 11,500 persons paid for admission at the football match between the English team and Town Clubs on Saturday at Newlands.

The match between the English rugby team and the Western Province on Monday attracted another immense crowd at Newlands.

Radical changes had been introduced in the English team, which proved of advantage. The conditions were perfect for fast football. Among those present were General Botha, Mr Jan Hofmeyr, Hon. Graham, and Sir Pieter Faure.

To begin with the visitors played a desperate game, and showed good defence. Krige, however, went away with a terrific rush, and on being tackled near the line passed to Loubser, who scored a try which was converted.

The English were then unfortunate in just missing two penalties. Another great run by the Colonials three-quarters, ie Krige in amid frantic applause. The try was not converted.

Half time:
Province: Eight points.
Englishmen: nil.

Just after restarting, Hind, English three-quarter, was badly hurt, and carried off the field. This was a great misfortune, as he had been playing grandly.

The Colonial backs afterwards for the first time showed some very faulty play.

Both sides kept pressing in turn, and the English line was several times in danger, but nothing resulted. Within a few minutes of time Skrimshire dropped a magnificent goal for the visitors.

Province: One try, one goal, (eight points).
English team: One dropped goal, (four points).

There is a strong feeling of dissatifaction amongst the team picked to compete with the visiting English rugby team, because of the Rugby Union having chosen the Westborne Oval (Port Elizabeth) as the field of encounter.

The principal objection is that the ground is of a rocky nature, and life and limb are jeopardised in the case of players being violently grassed.

The impression in the minds of the members of the team is that a far better exposition of the game could be given on the grounds of Crusaders or of the Olympics; and another objection to the Westborne Oval is that at the pond end there is not sufficient space for a dead line.

The supporters of the alternative grounds argue that if sufficient dressing accommodation cannot be found on the Saders ground, this want would be met by the match coming off on the Olympic field, whilst in the matter of accommodation for spectators, it is pointed out that three rows of chairs could be placed round the field inside the barrier at the Saders ground.

The Union, if they desire to see a whole-hearted opposition given to the visitors, would do well to reconsider their decision as to the ground, for several players have expressed their determination of not taking part should the match come off at the Oval; indeed it may be said that this determination is general, in not unanimous, amongst those chosen to play.

It has been decided by the Eastern Province Union Committee to play both matches on the Crusaders ground.

There has been some difficulty in fixing up the teams to oppose the visitors, as neither Gray nor Channer will turn out, both being away from the district. Therefore Hunt and Marshall have to be asked to fill positions.

Yesterday a practice game was played between town and country teams, the former winning by 12 points to eight.

On Wednesday afternoon at the Wanderers ground, Johannesburg, the Corinthians met a team representing Johannesburg.

The first half was on the whole even, though with sensational rapidity the Corinthians netted twice, and led at the interval by two goals to nil.

Soon after resuming they added a third, and looked easy winners, but Johannesburg retaliated most determinedly, and Thorne, White and Newton each scored.

The game, which was witnessed by 3,000 spectators, ended in a draw of three goals each. It was a splendid exhibition of football.

There was a large crowd at the Port Elizabeth Terminus Station on Thursday night to give a warm welcome to the English rugby team on their arrival from the Metropolis.

Among those present were Mr JC Carden, Councillor CF Kayser, Mr Willoughby How (Town Treasurer and acting Town Clerk). There were, of course, a number of officials of the Rugby Union present.

Councillor Kayser received Mr M Morrison and Mr J Hammond as representing the team, and bid them a hearty welcome to Port Elizabeth, after which, amidst cheers, the visitors were escorted to a special tram car and quartered at the Grand Hotel, which is to be their headquarters during their short stay.

This morning the team went to Redhouse, and the day will be spent on the river.

There is sure to be a very large crowd on the Crusaders ground this afternoon when the teams will line up with Mr Kemsley as referee.

The Town representatives will be attired in the Algoa colours - dark green jersey with an orange band.

A fourth team cup match between Algoa and Olympics, will come off on the same ground.

A smoking concert takes place at the Drill Hall tonight, and amongst the artistes taking part are Messrs JB Shaw, C Stewart and R Jackson, whilst tomorrow a picnic will be held at Schoenmakers Kop, conveyances leaving Market Square at 10am.
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