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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending June 27, 1903

Added 25 / 6 / 2003

The Swifts visited Algoa ground on Saturday. When they last met the former were victorious. The Swifts opened the game and end to end play followed, the venue being on the home team right, the high wind militating against accurate passing.

The visitors, however, got away, and Gould registered a fine try just on the home goal. The kick was taken by the same player, and he, with a splendid shot got between the uprights.

With the score at five points the Swifts pressed matters and from a knock-on Lechinsky secured and passed to Castleman who was earthed just near the visiting 25.

Off-side play against the Algoa resulted in the visitors transferring the oval, but the Algoa secured, though they were intercepted and Gould put in some pretty work.

After some little interesting but uneventful play, in which the ball was transferred to the visiting territory, Gould gained the leather and by a fine rush, in which Burke ably assisted, he gained a firm hold in the home quarters, but just on the 25 line he was dispossessed.

Play was greatly hampered at this stage by a heavy rain shower, both from the point of view of the spectator and the player.

Close on half-time the Algoa men, by fair combination and passable forward play got away, and gave the visitors a warm time though no advantage accrued, and half-time arrived with the score as follows:
Swifts (1 goal) 5 points.
Algoa Nil.

On the resumption the home team pressed, and the visitors had all their work cut out to withstand the onslaughts of their opponents. Rain, which had been falling turned into a heavy downpour, and play was considerably hampered.

The visitors now got away and a try was registered, but the attempt to majorise failed. From the following scrum, the visitors put in some pretty combination. Play still continued in the Algoa quarters though the leather was very slippery, and the ground treacherous.

Just before the close the visitors got away, and Gould scored a drop goal. The final result was:
Swifts 12 points
Algoa Nil

The weather prevented any great exhibition, for the heavy downpour of rain made the ball slippery and the field tricky, but as was anticipated the visitors proved to be the superior team, and the home string might do worse than to take notice of the pretty combination they introduce.

The Algoa team, however, must be given credit for the marked improvement they have shown since the commencement of the season. Gould, of the visitors, must be congratulated on the form her showed.

Saturday was a miserable day for golfers. A strong cold wind swept across the links accompanied at intervals by heavy driving showers of rain. The ground was saturated, much casual water was found everywhere, and the greens were heavy, and in some instances partially submerged.

In spite of these unfavourable conditions a fair number of members entered for the monthly handicap, and we believe about half-a-dozen actually completed the full round, but the majority did not finish.

The best card handed was by Mr Hibbert who went round in 101 gross.

A difficulty has arisen, which must be promptly dealt with, in connection with the caddies. The caddies are ragged little Black boys who are not good at the business. They have hitherto been paid one shilling per round, and at this rate an average boy can earn four or five shillings per week in the winter months and more in the summer months.

But they have taken it in their heads to go on strike for higher pay. On Saturday they demanded 1s 6d per round. The demand was resisted, and it is hoped that members will continue to resist, even though they may be put to a little inconvenience for a season.

The Black boys will ultimately find that it is better to earn a shilling than nothing at all.

On Saturday the United Banks beat Walmer in their return football League match by two goals to one.

Owing to the unfavourable weather prevailing last Saturday, the final round in the Victoria Park Bowling Club Singles Handicap had to be postponed and will not be played off now till Saturday, July 4.

Messrs I Joseph & Sons have very kindly offered a trophy to be presented to the winning man in the walking match to Hunters Retreat, which should prove the forerunner of more such contests.

The competitors, who are expected to be numerous, start at 3 oclock this afternoon, from the Donkin reserve.

A team, representing the Diocesan College, Rondebosch, are now in town, staying at the Havelock Club. The team have so far won three matches, viz, beaten St Andrews College by five points to nil, Albany 13 to nil, and Cradock 14 to nil.
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