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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending June 6, 1903

Added 4 / 6 / 2003

The Crusader and Olympic’s football teams met on the Crusaders’ ground, when considerable interest was manifested in the game, the ropes being well lined.

Partisanship ran strong among the supporters of each club. When the teams lined out, it was found that the Crusaders were weakened by the absence of Hadson, of the back division, and several good forwards, while the Olympics were full strength.

Mr Harry Kemsley had charge of the players.

A win for the Crusader Club by one point only showed how keenly this match was contested, but if the truth be recognised the Olympics had decidedly hard lines in losing.

They had more than a share of the game, and penned their opponents in the first half for a long time close to the pavilion, but lacked finishing capacity. The tackling of the Crusader back divisions being very deadly.

Two of the three tries registered for the Crusaders were the result of very nice combination work on the part of the three-quarters, some pretty passing being witnessed, but the opening try was as flukey as it was easy.

An unlucky kick straight into Hazell’s hands was taken in fine style, and that player romped over.

On the other hand, the Olympics showed surprising good form, and they had out a pack which showed cleverness as well as strength, but in spite of the frequency with which the halves fed their line, the three-quarters were unequal to the task set them.

The try scored for the Olympics was more the result of dashing individual play than combined action.

Somehow or other the Crusader pack, a burley lot they are, cannot combine themselves to perform effective work, and in consequence their halves were smothered, and the three-quarters line had little chance of showing to advantage.

A few times only did they get off together, when valuable ground was gained. Heddon had an “off” day at kicking. The game will increase the interest in the cup match in a fortnight’s time.

Hunt, who was badly hurt early in the second half, had to retire from the field, which was a loss to the Crusader team.
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