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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending May 9, 1903

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The week ending May 9, 1903.


This match was played on Wednesday afternoon at the North End Park, before a good number of spectators.

The Travellers went to the wickets at 2.30, but could make no stand against the excellent bowling of Marran, who is well-known in the cricket field, and Brann, whose underhand trundling completely baffled the Drummers so much so that with the exception of Bathgate, (Stephen, Fraser & Co.) and Ascham (Dreyfus & Co.), it was nothing but a continued procession from the pavilion, until 27 went up for all out, Bathgate with 13.

For the Grocers, D Robertson played fine cricket, 16 not out, as also did E Walsh for 17. Ascham manipulated the ball against them with great success, although the fairly good total of 14 runs was made before they could be disposed of. Refreshments were provided.


A large crowd was attracted to the Port Elizabeth or Crusaders ground today when the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams of each club competed with satisfactory result to the Arabs.

Some good play was seen considering they were the opening matches, and though the passing in the three matches was somewhat erratic generally there is every prospect of capital exhibitions by either teams.

In the third encounter the Arabs won by three points to nil, Glover scoring a try. Whilst in the encounter of the seconds a pointless draw, give and take play indeed, though some promising passing was given on the part of the forwards. Play generally was very even.

Considerable interest was taken in the 1st teams encounter. The Crusaders when they turned out were noticed to be wearing black arm bands on their arm as an indication of the respect for the late Mr Teddy Bowen, who was one of their half-backs.

Just after the opening of tactics a free kick was given for the Arabs, who were not shinning as brilliantly as might have been expected, through their opponents hanging onto the ball.

Flynn was entrusted with the kick, but nothing came of it. Allen, the full back for the Crusaders, put in some pretty work. Play was suspended for a few moments owing to Harding sustaining an injury, but he was able to continue.

An interesting scrum took place on the visitors 25, but neither side gained any advantage, but just afterwards the Crusaders were awarded a fruitless free kick, which was taken by Parkin.

The Arabs then got away, and M Allen put in some good work but to no purpose. Give and take play followed, and individual play by Eaton and Macdonald was creditable. The first half arrived with no score registered for either side.

The second half consisted of a series of scrums in which the Arabs had undoubtedly the advantage of the play, they getting well away on several occasions, Macdonald doing some creditable work, being lively on the leather.

A free kick against the Crusaders taken by Flynn was followed up, and the Arabs secured an excellent try, but Eaton failed to convert.

No further score was registered on either side, and the game which now consisted of end to end play ended in favour of the Arabs by three points to nil.
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