St George's Park History
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending April 18, 1903

Added 22 / 4 / 2003

The Trophy which the Transvaal are endeavouring to wrest from the Western Province is a massive gold cup of antique pattern, presented by Sir Donald Currie, KCMG, MP, to "The Cricket Clubs of South Africa, 1889," on an ebony stand, bearing silver plates on which are inscribed the winners of the cup.

The holders have been:

1889: Kimberley

1890: Transvaal beat Kimberley, winnersí scores 117 and 224 (4 wickets); losersí do., 98 and 235.

1891: Kimberley beat Transvaal, winnersí scores 225 and 475; losers, 313 and 359.

1892: Western Province beat Kimberley, winnersí scores 266 and 265; losers 292 and 130.

1894: Western Province beat Natal, winnersí scores 338; losersí, 154 and 124.

1895: Transvaal beat Western Province, winnersí scores 134 and 175; losersí 158 and 91.

1897: Western Province beat Transvaal, winners scoresí 308 and 173; losersí 3/1 and 98.

The following names appear as makers of centuries:

1890: AB Tancred (Kimberley) - 106.

1890: MP Bowden (Transvaal) - 126.

1891: CE Finlayson (Kimberley) - 154.

1892: F Hearne (Western Province) - 102.

1893: G Cripps (Western Province) - 108.

1894: A Richards (Western Province) - 108.

1897: T Etlinger (Western Province) - 111.

1897: Lieutenant Payne (Western Province) - 220.

1897: Lieutenant Turner (Natal) - 115.

1897: A Bissett (Western Province) - 124.

ź ź ź

The tournaments have finally ended and our numerous visitors will be flitting to all portions of South Africa during the ensuing two or three days.

We are delighted, naturally, that all the sports went off successfully, and we are additionally pleased that Port Elizabeth men and Port Elizabeth teams were successful all round.

They took prizes in all tournaments, but the greatest local triumphs were obtained on the golf links. Port Elizabeth players secured second and third places in the championship list, and they won two other championship events as well as sundry handicap prizes.

As a golfing centre this town can claim to hold the first place amongst South African golfing centres.
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