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The week ending April 4, 1903

Added 3 / 4 / 2003

On Saturday teams representing the printing and business staffs of the Eastern Province Herald and the Advertiser offices met at cricket on the Pirates field, South-end, when the former provided the superior combination, winning by 33 runs.

Highest scorer for the Herald was L Mitchley, who scored 31 of the sides 92 runs.

For the Advertiser, W Rogers scored 33 of his sides 61 runs.

A league fixture began on the Port Elizabeth Cricket Clubs ground between the PECC and Union.

Union went first to the wickets, and lost 8 wickets for 43 runs.

The last two men, however, changed the prospects of the Unionists, who stand a fair chance of winning. Tonks, who was let off by Daly, scored 59.

The Elizabethans fared badly, losing five wickets for 27.

The Transvaal team for the Currie Cup, with the exception of J Sinclair and Llewellyn, arrived by train last night. They were met at the station by many members of the committee and others interested in cricket.

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The Transvaal men are looking well, and they are very hopeful about carrying back the Cup.

Sinclair and Llewellyn are coming round via Durban and are expected on Saturday.

The Transvaal players feel very sore about the objections lodged against these two cricketers. We understand that the objections will be considered on Saturday night at a meeting of captains.

We understand that the objection against Sinclair will probably be withdrawn, but the objection to Llewellyn will be pressed to a decision.

Without reference to the rules, we can only remark that from a purely cricketing point of view we should like to see both men play down here.

The Transvaal team is staying at the Phoenix Hotel.

The following is the Transvaal team, with the exception of Llewellyn and Sinclair, who have not yet arrived:
Messrs F Mitchell, G A Faulkner, P Sherwood, L J Tancred, R O Schwarz, J Kotze, E Marshall, G White, B Wallach, B Flouquet and W Shalders, with F Smith (professional), who is going to act as umpire, and W Creaghe (the Wanderers professional), as attendants.

The team are practicing this morning on the Port Elizabeth ground.

The Kimberley, East London, and Border teams are expected here tomorrow. The Western Province team is due next Thursday.

A meeting of the Eastern Province Cricket Union was held on Wednesday night, with Mr Geo Harvey in the chair.

Some discussion took place with regard to the Currie Cup team, and it was decided to make additions to those selected to represent the Province. Five names were submitted, and the following three were added to the original 15: F Hippert, F J Cook, and A Britton.

The annual meeting of the South African Cricket Association will be held in the Secretarys office, Library Buildings, on Saturday next.

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Eastern Province - 1903.
Back Row, left to right: D S Lumsden, W A Glisson, C H Goetz, M A Bell, E Fock, F S Bayes, F J Lippert
Seated, left to right: A Melville, R P Hannan, H T Hibbert, A T Lyons, R R Dower, A E Vogler.
At a meeting of the Selection Committee this morning, the following were picked to play against the Border team: R A Gleeson (captain), L L Giddy, A J White, D Daly, D Crooks, A Lyons, H T Hibbert, C F Prince, J Edward, F Hippert, J Loots. Reserve, C S Hazell.

The Transvaal cricketers had a hard days practice at the nets on the Port Elizabeth cricket ground yesterday. They went up both in the morning and in the afternoon, and quite a knot of spectators gathered round to watch them perform with bat and ball.

The impression they gave was that they make a very warm team, good at all points of the game.

There are an exceptional number of good bowlers amongst them, but so far as could be gathered yesterday, the team needs mostly a first-class show slow bowler.

This defect will of course be supplied should Llewellyn be able to play. All the others at the nets were medium to fast.

Koetze is a fine fast trundler. He takes a long run and puts all his energy into the ball. His action suggests that he would tire soon, but we are informed that he can keep going a long time.

Shepstone is also fast, but his pitch is erratic. A bumpy wicket might suit him.

The pitch yesterday, however, was very soft and slow after the rain. A young player who shaped well was Flouquet. He can perform well with both bat and ball, and he seemed to be less uneasy on the grass wicket than most the others.

Unless a good slow to medium bowler is forthcoming, we should say that the Transvaal eleven will be found a greater batting than a bowling team. They are very strong with the bat, and yesterday the form of Shalders, Mitchell, Tancred, Floquet and Faulkner was much admired.

The Eastern Province men practiced on the Union ground, and the greatest interest was centred in Loetz, the Graaff-Reinet bowler, who was included in the team on the recommendation of Charlie Prince. Loetz is a sturdy built young colonist of medium height, and he is evidently a keen cricketer.

Yesterday he was tired after the night railway journey, but his bowling provoked favourable comment. He is fast righthand, but not so fast as Kotze. He varies his pace a little, and on a fast wicket we should say he would be very destructive. He is a splendid field, and a fair hard hitting bat.

The Kimberley team arrived here last night and are quartered in the Humewood Hotel.

Great interest is being taken in the meeting to be held tonight at which it will be decided whether Sinclair and Llewellyn will be allowed to play, but in the meantime the Transvaal team are doing a lot of steady training.

The Eastern Province Cricket Union have issued a handy little catalogue in which there is a great deal of information useful to the followers of the game. It contains a comprehensive programme of entertainments, of which there are a large number, and the headquarters of the various teams, besides scoring sheets arranged for the various matches.

The 13 Western Province players selected to proceed to Port Elizabeth, there to do battle on behalf of the Western Province centre in the Currie Cup Tournament, are: J H Anderson (captain), S E Horwood, P S T Jones, F Hearne, J Middleton, Cape Town: A Reid, A Bisset, H W Carolin, N O Norton, Western Province: C A Bain, C Fock, P T Gordon, Alma; J Pritchard, Paarl. Messrs J H Anderson, C Bain, and A Reid have been appointed a committee to make the final selection of an eleven at Port Elizabeth.

A Cape Town contemporary observes, with reference to the objections lodged against certain Transvaal players: As regards Sinclair the matter is on a very different footing, and it seems to many local sportsmen a thousand pities that any objection has been raised about his playing.

It is parochial, and not the proper spirit with which to recommence the Currie cup Tournament. Sinclair has always been a Transvaaler, and has never played for any other cricketing centre.

In the general upset caused by the war, he found himself engaged on Government service in the ORC (Orange River Colony) and his work there is only just completed.

The ORC are not sending a team to Port Elizabeth, and there is not a tittle of proof of Sinclair ever having lost his Transvaal qualification.

Mr Murray Bisset at the meeting hit the nail on the head: he gave as his reading of the rule, that Sinclair was no longer qualified to play for the Transvaal (on this point of course there is divergence of opinion), but at the same time, he stated, that although technically disqualified, Sinclair was a bona fide Transvaal player.

I fancy nine out of every ten Peninsula cricketers would let the quibbery about the rule go hang, and recognise in proper sporting spirit Sinclairs right to play for the Transvaal.

The whole business in connection with the objection to him has been unfortunate, and puts us in a very invidious position.

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