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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending March 28, 1903

Added 24 / 3 / 2003

A meeting of the Transvaal Cricket Union was held in the offices of the Wandererís Club. There were present: Mr ID Difford (in the chair), Messrs LJ Tancred (Wanderers), CT Eliott (St Johnís College), WA Shalders (CSAR), G Allsop (Wanderers), JJ Kotze (CSAR), SC Brown and CE Baily (Australians), and the secretary, Mr SW Johnson.

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C B Llewellyn
The secretary read a letter from the Western Province Union, objecting to the Transvaal Union playing Llewellyn in the forthcoming competition, on the grounds that he was a professional.

Mr Allsop said that he should like to point out a few facts about Mr Llewellyn, which were perhaps not generally known.

Mr Llewellyn was not compelled, and had no need to play cricket. He was brought out by Mr Bailey, who thought that good South African born cricketers should play in their own country.

Mr Llewellyn had been a professional in Hampshire, but until he returned to that country (as he intended shortly to do) he was not a professional.

The speaker did not consider that the rule was framed for the purpose of preventing South African born cricketers from playing, even allowing that they were paid, but rather to prevent English professionals coming to one of the Colonies, play in competition, and then clear out.

He thought the objection to Llewellyn came with very bad grace from the Western Province, considering that they played him against the Australians, and recognised the fact that he was not a professional in so much as they tendered him no payment for his services.

After a lengthy discussion, the secretary was instructed to write to the Western Province, stating that Mr Llewellyn had not been a professional since leaving Hampshire in September last, he not having received any fee whatsoever for cricket.

He (the Transvaal Union Secretary) has been oficially informed by the secretary of the Wanderers Club that Mr Llewellyn was employed as a clerk in the Wanderers office.

Furthermore, it was pointed out that Mr Llewellyn proceeded to Cape Town to play with them as an amateur, a fact that their Union recognised by not proffering him any fee.

Although he is likely to return to Hampshire, he is not a professional when in South Africa.

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