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100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending March 21, 1903

Added 17 / 3 / 2003

The match played on the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club ground on Monday afternoon between two picked teams was arranged with a view to guiding the selection committee in choosing a representative Eastern Province team to play for the Currie Cup.

In nearly all respects, however, the game was most disappointing, and it cannot have served the purpose intended to any material extent. Only two visitors put in an appearance, both from Grahamstown, and of these two, LL Giddy was well-known to the committee, and we may fairly assume that his place in the team was previously a foregone conclusion.

Other probable candidates for Eastern Province honours, including Floquet, Niland, Melville and Gubb, could not come down to take part in the trial, so that Wednesdays cricket only went to prove that White, of Grahamstown, is a good all-round player, and he will certainly be offered a place in the team.

With the exception of Giddy and White, all the men who took part in the trial on Wednesday were local men, whose form is well-known to the committee.

White proved himself to the satisfaction of all. He is a sound batsman, combining good defence with good punishing powers.

He is particularly strong on the off, and his square cuts are well timed and very neatly executed. His was certainly the soundest innings of all, and his batting was better than his score indicates.

As a bowler he displayed good judgement. He is medium pace, left hand, although he bats right hand. He varies his pitch and length, and gets a fair amount of work on the ball. We think he is a better batsman than a bowler, but in the attack he will prove an acquisition to the team without being surprisingly formidable.

Giddy batted well, but generally the batting was poor on Wednesday. The men who were not nervous were generally reckless, and a few of them regarded the game seriously.

The wicket was very slow, and assisted the bowlers. Edwards and Bridger each kept good lengths and could not be trifled with. Quirk also bowled well. He is medium to fast, and he got a nasty break from the off.

Both Oakley and Daly kept wicket well, the first named is the more showy, but Daly is probably the safer, and he could not be replaced with advantage to his side by even Prince.

Particular mention must be made of Mackays out-fielding. He is quick and very sure. It is a pity that he is such a nervous batsman. He has good style, but he lacks experience.

It was reported on Wednesday that Prince has recommended very strongly to the committee a fast bowler, who resides in the Graaff-Reinet district. Prince, who is a sound judge, declares that he is worth a place in the South African eleven, so that this nominee will certainly receive a fair trial.

The ground wants a good deal of attention before the tournament, especially the outfield, and the pavilion is in urgent need of repairs.

Judging from Wednesdays play, the prospects of the Eastern Province team are nor bright.

The scores were: A team, 71 and 61 for four wickets (Giddy 15 and 31, White 17, and Oakley 14).

B team, 141 (Gleeson 51, Daly 22, and Crage 15). Edward took four wickets for 16 runs, Bridger three for seven, White five for 34, and Quirk two for 25.

At a meeting of the Eastern Province Cricket Union the following teams were picked by the selection Committee to play on the Port Elizabeth Cricket Clubs ground on Wednesday afternoon, commencing at one oclock sharp.

A team: LL Giddy, White (Grahamstown), A Melville. Lieutenant Henslow (Naauwpoort), T Gubb, E Oakley, HT Hibbert (captain), V Mackay, D Ritchie, H Lovemore, G Quirk. Reserves: A Britton and V Spindler.

B team: T Crage, J Edward, D Daly, D Crooks, R Gleeson (captain). F Hippert, C Hazell, FJ Cook, AJ Gibb, H Bridger and F Kendle. Reserves: J Lynch, J Hat and D Lumsden.

The following have been selected to represent the Western Province: JH Anderson, SE Horwood, F Hearne, A Bisset, Alan Reid, HW Carolin, C Bain, and PT Gordon. The others are not yet decided on.

The Transvaal Cricket Union selection committee announced that they had chosen the following 14 to represent the Transvaal at the Port Elizabeth Currie Cup Tournament next month:
LJ Tancred, CB Llewellyn, CJE Smith, JH Sinclair, M Hathorn, GH Shepstone, B Wallace, P White, RO Schwarz, JJ Kotze, WA Shalders, and A Faulkner. EA Halliwell is unable to go down to the coast. The team is undoubtedly a strong one, and should bring the cup back once more to the Transvaal.

Mr Abe Baileys offer to defray the expenses of the Transvaal Currie Cup team from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, to play in the Frank Hearne benefit match has been accepted.

In the cricket match which concluded at Melbourne on March 16, Victoria beat Lord Hawkes team by seven wickets.
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