St George's Park History
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

100 Seasons Ago St George's Park - 100 Seasons Ago
The week ending March 14, 1903

Added 9 / 3 / 2003

At a meeting of the Western Province Cricket Union, the approaching Currie Cup Tournament was discussed. A telegram from the Eastern Province Union asking for instructions as to engaging accommodation was read, and it was resolved to wire reply asking the secretary to engage hotel accommodation for 14 men, the team to leave by train on April 7, and Mr JB Munnik to accompany the team as manager and scorer.

With regard to the conduct of Currie Cup tournaments in the future, it was decided not to support the draft rules drawn up by the SA Cricket Association, but to vote for the original Bisset scheme, and failing securing that to support the old system.

Further, that the rules as regards width of the matting, and lifting it between innings be opposed.

With regard to the salary of the secretary of the association, the union approved, but considered the amount suggested rather high.

It was resolved, too, that the secretary of the Union write to the secretary of the Transvaal Union, that in the event of the Union playing Llewellyn in the forthcoming tournament, this Union will object, as they consider that he is debarred under Rule 8 of the Currie Cup tournament rules.

The Eastern Province Union have invited the following to play: Nyland (Bedford), Dower (Albany), Giddy (Grahamstown), and Flockey (Grahamstown).

Dower has written declining, on the grounds that he is out of practice.

The arrangements for the Currie Cup cricket tournament are being knocked into shape. The teams eligible to enter are: Transvaal, Western Province, Eastern Province, Border, Natal, Orange River Colony, Griqualand West, and Rhodesia.

Of these, no reply has been received from Natal, although repeated wires have been sent, and the unsettled state of the Orange River Colony and Rhodesia preclude teams being got together. The winners of the tournament have to meet the holders, viz., the Western Province.

The tournament will be begun on Monday, April 6, and will probably be concluded on Wednesday, the 15th of the same month.

The grounds to be used are the Port Elizabeth and the Union (old Oval), where seating accommodation will be provided for the public, and there will be refreshment booths.

With reference to the selection of the Eastern Province team, this is left to the Eastern Province Union, which is made up of representatives from each of the affiliated clubs.

Up to the present no men have been selected, but several have been invited from the country to take part in a practice match to be held in Port Elizabeth on the 18th instant.

The following have been so invited: Giddy, Flocquet, and White (Grahamstown), Henslow and Melvelle (Naauwpoort), and Prince (Graaff-Reinet).
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